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MyBlugold CampS Tips and Updates 


Below are a number of tips for faculty and staff to keep in mind when working with MyBlugold CampS, compiled by Sally Eckwright. For more instructions and tips, the LTS Online Help Documentation has a whole section on MyBlugold CampS, in addition to many other topics. It can be found at under the "MyBlugold CampS" heading.

General Tips

  • 'My Favorites' Tool
    Do you have some pesky pages in MyBlugold CampS that you visit frequently but must drill down countless levels to find? If so, you can use the My Favorites tool to keep the pages easily accessible in one location. While on the page, click Add to Favorites in the upper right area of your screen. It will return the standard description as the page name (which you can change if you desire) and then store it in your 'Favorites'. Both Recently Used and My Favorites are available by clicking Favorites in the upper left corner of the screen, just under the university seal. You can also edit your favorites in that same dropdown menu.

  • EAUGUEST Account
    Did you know there is a guest login to MyBlugold CampS that is available for the public? This can be very useful for those who do not yet have an official university username and password. It is available from the Registrar's public web pages linked below:

  • Note: Just remember if you are faculty or staff and if you have already logged in through the Central Authentication page, you will not get to the guest page unless you have closed all your browsers first--it already knows you are not a guest and so will tell you that you are not authorized for the page.

Instructor Tips

  • Attendance Tracking
    This feature is new and improved in MyBlugold CampS! Class attendance will be requested by the Registrar's Office at the conclusion of the first week of classes for students who are actively enrolled but who never attended. At the conclusion of the fourth week of classes, class attendance will be requested again for students who are still actively enrolled but stopped attending. At that time a last attended date will be necessary. This is also a good time to verify that all students attending classes are officially enrolled, especially if they did not automatically show up on your D2L class roster.

  • Grade Rosters
    The rosters for final grades are a static list when created. Because of this, they are not created until the session comes to an end. For example, the rosters for full-semester Spring 2013 classes will be available at the end of the day on the last day of classes.

  • Final Grades
    Did you know that Desire2Learn (D2L) final grades can be exported into MyBlugold CampS? To view step-by-step documentation for instructors, view this LTS Online Help documentation page: D2L Faculty: Final Grade Export to MyBlugold CampS. For more information, contact Roxie Muldoon at or 715-836-2700.

Advisor Tips

  • Circumventing the Login--Logout Chain with a New Session
    While you are logged into CampS during an advising meeting, have you found it necessary to have the student login to update their planner? There is no need to logout just for them to login and vice versa. If you are running Internet Explorer, simply click File»New Session on the menu bar to open a new window. You will then be able to remain logged in while the student uses the new window to login as well.

    Note: If you don't see the menu bar across the top of the window in Internet Explorer, you can press the 'Alt' key to view it temporarily. If you would like it to remain visible at all times, right click in the top bar area and click Menu Bar.

  • Transcript Uses
    The transcript in CampS is very useful for checking academic standing, especially because the terminology is the same as the catalog's terminology. It is also helpful when you wish to look at semester and resident/total GPAs. Remember, however, that a course repeated in a later term can change the semester GPA in the term in which the class was originally taken.

  • COMING SOON: Degree Audit Update
    In mid-March, the 'new' degree audit (PeopleSoft) will be opened up to ALL students. Currently the only students using the new degree audit are those using the 2013-14 catalog. Advisors have access to this new version and may wish to look it over before the change, as the format of the new degree audit is quite different from that of the old version. There is still a little time before this change, but you can expect that many students will come to you with questions. As this date gets closer, Records and Registration will be sending out more information.