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Computer, Software, and Printer Purchasing eForm 


By Kent Gerberich

Over the past 6 months, staff members from both Learning & Technology Services and Purchasing have been collaborating on the creation and implementation of an electronic form that will streamline the computer, software, and printer purchasing process. This eForm has now been live for 3 months and can be utilized by all faculty and staff.

To start the computer, printer, software purchasing eForm, login to and select the Start New Form tab. The electronic form can be found under Business Services and is named COMPUTER_PRINTER_SOFTWARE_PURCHASE_REQUISITION. Select the eForm and fill in the information as required, selecting what product you would like to purchase. Once submitted, the workflow in the background will route the eForm to a group of LTS staff members who verify each purchase. Once verified, the account authorizer will be asked to approve the purchase, and then it will be forwarded to Purchasing to be processed through the use of the eForm system.

Also, as a part of the streamlining of the computer, software and printer purchasing process, all peripherals can now be purchased using a P-Card. The P-Card application and recommended computer peripheral vendors can be found at

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a technology purchase, a group of LTS staff members have been trained in on how to support this new process and can be reached at (715) 831-1367, via email at, or by calling the UW-Eau Claire LTS Help Desk at (715) 836-5711.