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Short Takes September 2012 


Classroom and Lab Support During Construction

Due to the ongoing construction this fall, please take into consideration that it will take LTS an added amount of time to get to certain buildings if an emergency turns up. We will do the best we can under the current circumstances. Thank you for your patience!


UWEC Holiday Calendar

As a reminder, you can add the holidays and events from the UW-Eau Claire Academic Calendar to your Outlook 2010 for Windows calendar (without typing them each in manually) by using the holiday file. Instructions and the direct link can be found at

Hint: You will probably only want to run the process a single time for a particular calendar year, or you'll receive duplicate entries. The software will warn you about this possibility, but if it happens, the instructions also tell you how to remove these unintended entries.

And, by the way, we had a small problem in last year's calendar:  The Martin Luther King holiday is NOT on December 19 as it was listed on our old calendar! We have fixed the date on the current calendar but it has no effect on updates already made on individual calendars.  If you had updated your holidays last year, you may want to delete the entry for December 19. Sorry about that!

Removal of CASS1 Server

This summer the CASS1 server was taken out of use. The W: drive student homework at \\\deptdir can no longer be found at that path. On campus lab computers the W: drive has automatically mapped to the new share, so remapping the drive on a lab computer will not be necessary. For those who need to manually map the drive on a personal device, the new path is \\\deptdir.

Lab Anywhere Environment

UW-Eau Claire offers a Windows virtual environment that can be accessed from any Windows, Mac, iPad, or Android device. We have many of the software titles that are in our general access labs available. Due to software licensing limits and restrictions, you may not be able to sign on and use the software all of the time. We are working on it, but software licensing is very, very expensive. Read more at