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The X Team: UWEC's Learning Technology Cross Functional Team

Learning Technology TeamThe recipe for creating effective learning with technology requires carefully blending great content with available technology tools. During Fall semester 2011, LTS invited learning technology stakeholders to regularly sit at the same table to discuss the operational needs of providing effective learning technology on our campus. Content experts, instructional designers, learning technology consultants, technology support staff, and technology infrastructure representatives combined to create the Learning Technology Cross Functional Team, the “X” team and encourage cross functional collaboration on learning technology.

Current members include faculty, college staff, CETL staff, McIntyre Library staff, LTS staff and guests from across campus. The group meets bi-weekly for one hour facilitated sessions and sets up smaller work groups as necessary. One project in 2011 saw the X team create a pilot project aimed at determining the usefulness of Camtasia as a screencast technology and whether or not this software should be part of the basic campus software inventory. This pilot combined the resources of CETL and LTS with willing faculty members to take a critical look at this software. The pilot determined that screencasting was indeed an effective teaching tool, but that use of Camtasia specifically would not be broad enough to warrant inclusion as standard software.

Currently, the X team agenda includes eBooks, ePortfolio’s, and various curricular needs for data storage. The X Team meets biweekly during the semester, with the initial Fall 2012 meeting scheduled for Friday, September 21 at 10:00 a.m. in the Centennial Room of Davies Center (D 320). In addition to the biweekly meetings, the  X team uses Yammer, the university’s social network service (think Facebook for organizations) for ongoing communication and collaboration. Yammer is used to post agendas, plan events, publish meeting notes, share information, ask questions, share ideas, receive feedback, and create and edit content. The X team would love to bring more faculty voices into the learning technology conversation, either live or via Yammer. If you’re interested in joining the X team live discussions contact Rick Mickelson (, 36-6005).  If you’re interested in participating with the X team through Yammer or simply following X team progress, check it out at