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New Computer and Printer Purchases Process 


Beginning with this fall semester, all computer and printer purchases will now be processed using a new electronic form. This form can be found in the eForm system at under both Business Services and Learning & Technology Services and is titled COMPUTER_PRINTER_PURCHASE_REQUISITION.

With the new eForm comes the ability for faculty and staff to begin the purchase processes yourselves as opposed to having to contact LTS first. With a more clearly defined workflow in the background, this new process will ideally provide a faster turnaround time, and thus you will receive the product more quickly. In the new eForm, you can select all the standard computer and printer configurations for Dell, Apple, and Hewlett-Packard. And as a part of the workflow, the order is verified by a group of LTS employees, the account holder who is allowing the purchase, and finally by UWEC Purchasing Department.

As a part of this change, all computer peripherals such as scanners, external hard drives, and cables are now to be purchased directly by the departments using their procurement card. If you do not have a card, you can use the Procurement Card Application link to apply. Detailed information on the computer, printer, and computer peripheral purchasing process can be found by using the LTS Purchasing Guidelines link.

If you as a faculty or staff member want to purchase something outside the standard or have any questions regarding the form and process, please contact or call (715) 831-1367.

Procurement Card Application:
Computer & Printer Purchase eForm:
LTS Purchasing Guidelines: