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New! D2L Version 10 


Desire2Learn has been overhauled in version 10.  Unfortunately, this overhaul hasn't gone as seamlessly as many would have liked.  UW-Eau Claire, as well as most other schools world-wide using D2L version 10, has experienced some noticeable performance problems with the new version.  Our support people at UW-Madison are working closely with D2L to rectify this problem.

Some changes you will notice:

  • Redesigned interface using a centered format
  • Persistent minibar at the top of all D2L pages allowing movement between courses without returning to the My Home page
  • Personal Menu on the far right of the minibar to set personal preferences and update your personal profile
  • Restyled layout in the course tools:
    • Within-tool navigational areas are now located along the top of each page rather than in the left sidebar
    • Commands within the tools are now clustered in dropdown menus accessed by an arrow icon
    • SAVE and CANCEL buttons are standardized in the lower left on pages where they appear

New features in D2L include:

  • Must-post-first option in Discussion forums or topics allowing instructors to require initial posts from students before allowing them to see others' posts
  • Instructors may view details of student submissions to the Quiz, Dropbox, and Discussion tools by clicking on the icons appearing in the gradebook
  • Bulk publish of feedback in the Dropbox tool allowing instructors to publish comments and grades for all students simultaneously

Help documentation for faculty and students is available.

Contact Roxie Muldoon (; 715-836-2700), Gene Leisz (; 715-836-6004) or the LTS Help Desk (; 715-836-5711) with your D2L questions.