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Creating a Projects Drive Folder 


It is important to provide a workplace for students working on multimedia assignments. LTS has developed a network drive called the Projects Drive that is large enough to hold audio and video projects as students are creating them. Currently, there are 217 folders on the Projects Drive. These folders are created by students and faculty members daily. Folders are deleted when the date on the folder has expired and after email notices have been sent to the folder owners. Thirty-eight of the folders on the Projects Drive have been created by instructors. They have created the folders so that their students have a workspace to work in groups or individually.

Creating a class folder will be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Permissions are automatically generated for students and the instructor
  • If the instructor creates the class folder the students DO NOT have to share their personal passwords
  • Class folders are at the top of the list
  • The instructor has access to the working files of their students

Students and Faculty can generate folders on the Projects drive by going to

Presently the projects drive has 5.6 Gigabytes of stored information. This is a large amount of information and other storage devices would not be able to successfully manage this quantity of information.

For further information on whether the Projects Drive will serve you and your students, please contact