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Short Takes May 2012 


LTS Announcements

Interested in being notified of both planned and unplanned computer and server outages?  Subscribe to the LTS Announcements group.  Instructions to subscribe and unsubscribe can be found on the LTS Online Help LTS Announcements page.

D2L Outage and Upgrade

Desire2Learn will be upgraded to version 10 this summer. This upgrade is scheduled for 10:00 pm on Thursday, June 28, through 10:00 am Friday, June 29, 2012. D2L will be unavailable during this upgrade.  See the related article in this edition of LTS News for information about changes with the new version.

Fall Computer Sale

While LTS has hosted a used computer sale in the fall for many years, that process has now changed.  Facilities Management is now handling all surplus property, including computers. 

With an emphasis on sustainability, UW-Eau Claire's new Surplus Store has a goal to re-purpose surplus property with an emphasis on keeping as much as possible out of the landfills. By providing an opportunity for items to be reused by other departments, by working with local non-profits, and by providing regular public sales we will meet this ambitious goal.  The public sale schedule will be announced in June.

Please note some of the changes to surplus operations:  We will no longer be stock-piling computer equipment for a large, public sale.  Instead, these items will be sold as they become available either through a public sale or on the on-line auction sites:  UW SWAP or WISCONSIN SURPLUS.

Links to these on-line auction sites, future schedules of public sales, or to sign up to receive email notices can be found at the Surplus Sales website.