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Setting A Pin on Your Smart Mobile Device 


Effective May 29th You MUST have a PIN set on your smart device (smart phone, iPad, Android tablet, etc.) to be able to receive email on it.

Why are we requiring this?

We are trying to protect you. Unfortunately we are seeing more and more lost smart phones being compromised because they do not have a PIN.


How bad is bad?

Without a PIN, anyone who finds your device unattended can:
  • Send email as if they were you.
  • Steal your contact lists and use them for malicious purposes.
  • Look at, copy, and forward confidential data that might be on your device.

There are literally dozens of articles on why you should have a PIN on your phone/iPad/tablet. The following three articles detail the importance of keeping your device secure:

  2. keep_your_handset_safe.html

How do I set a PIN?

Every device works slightly different.  The instructions that came with your device should tell you how to set a PIN.  On an iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) go into Settings » General » Passcode Lock.

If you do lose your smart device and you have a PIN set up, you can logon to Web Mail, click on Options (Top right of screen) » All Options » Phone » Wipe Device.


Do not try to do a test run of this procedure; it WILL wipe all of your data.  This service is great for wiping data from your old smart device before passing it on to someone else, and it can also be useful for wiping your data if your device is lost.  The process of wiping your data will ensure that the "bad guys" will not be able to get your data.

Outlook Data Wipe screen