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Learning Technology Updates 


Each edition of LTS news will include ideas of innovative use of technologies for teaching and learning. If you'd like more information, contact April Pierson, Learning Technology Consultant (

SMART Notebook Software – If you are interested in preparing lessons for the SMART board or podium or teaching students how to do so, the SMART notebook software can be installed on your office computer. Contact April Pierson to start the installation process or for training on how to use it.

Don't Forget About PowerPoint – When used well, PowerPoint can be a great tool, especially for online courses. The program iSpring Free can make your PowerPoint into a video for students to watch online. The key is to design your PowerPoints to be image-based with minimal text and add your own audio elaboration of the concepts. For online learning, break your presentation down so you spend no longer than 1 minute per slide. Read more at

Embedding Videos in D2L – An excellent feature in D2L is called "Insert Stuff." It is a simple way to embed videos into D2L pages without having to go into the code. Embedding videos into D2L looks professional and is nice for students because they are not distracted by the other suggestions or possible inappropriate comments on YouTube. Read more at

Using Twitter in the Classroom with Mobile Devices – Twitter can be a nice way to engage large classes. A UWEC professor is integrating Twitter into her class discussions as an alternate way for students to participate. Students bring any device they already own to class (laptop, smartphone, cell phone, tablet) to access Twitter and use a hashtag to organize tweets about course content. Read more at

April PiersonAbout April: My job is to assist faculty with purposeful use of technology that enhances teaching and learning. I work in LTS and frequently collaborate with CETL and other LTS staff. I facilitate workshops and learning communities and provide individual consultations. Another major focus of my job is researching new educational technologies and evaluating their usefulness for higher education in collaboration with faculty. Email me ( to set up a consultation.