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Learning Spaces Digital Upgrade 


An LTS project of upgrading learning spaces from analog to digital signal transmission is continuing. The project started this past summer with 85 classrooms being upgraded, and seven lecture halls were upgraded during Winterim.

Due to delays from the manufacturer of the custom lighting control equipment, integrating lighting into the new control systems is the last component to be completed in the lecture halls. Originally slated to be done during the five-day Spring Break week, a decision was made to err on the side of caution instead of risking disruption of classes after spring break (if the project could not be fully implemented). Arrangements have been made for the lecture hall lighting control systems to be completed during the three week period after spring semester's final exams.

Also slated for this summer are upgrades to the eight Distance Education rooms (two in Old Library, three in Nursing and three at St. Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield). LTS is working with the integration company who won the bid for installation/programming to finalize the scheduling for these upgrades. It will then be coordinated with infrastructure work to be done by Facilities Management.

Identification of needs, recommendations and priorities is also well underway for digital upgrades to non-classroom spaces, including curricular labs, seminar rooms and conference rooms. While funding for these projects has not yet been identified, we will be prepared to move forward when money becomes available.