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IP Phones 


LTS Telephone Services supports the campus voice system, including assisting in the acquisition and installation of telephone equipment. We are continuing an initiative to replace our traditional land-line phones with IP phones (phones which use converged voice and data networks rather than using dedicated telephone cable). We are providing and maintaining these phones at no cost to the department. Below are some main features of the IP phones. Please note, we do not have a cordless/handsfree model at this time. Check the LTS Telephone Services web page for more information and common questions and answers.

All phones:

  • Have a screen display.
  • Have Caller ID for on and off campus.
  • Exchange Voicemail at no charge, with the ability to listen to your message through your email (you get an email with an attached wave file when someone leaves you a voicemail.) It's a great way to check messages from your home or while traveling on business. You do not need to call a number to check voicemail messages this way.
  • Are speaker phone and headset compatible.
  • Have the ability to conference in up to 16 other lines.
  • Have the ability to have up to 16 people call into a conference call (this is called "meetme" on the IP system).
  • Have different rings.
  • Can transfer and conference calls easily.
  • Can forward your line to another line or directly to your voicemail.

Below is a picture of the phone and a close-up of the screen.

Model 7942

     Model 7942     Model 7942 closeup

Model 7962

Model 7962

The only difference between the two models is that the 7962 has 6-buttons instead of two, meaning you can have more options/more lines, etc. However, the 7962 model only goes to offices that have had the Meridian Multi-line phones (Nortel).