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Data Reporting Enhancements 


LTS recently participated with the Registrar's office and Institutional Research in a cross-functional office effort to make reporting data more accessible to academic offices. After hearing that academic departments and Deans' offices felt it was difficult to access some operational and strategic data, the following enhancements have been made:

  • A Data and Report Finder web page has been created to point to the various options available, such as our Data Warehouse, Student Data Systems, Institutional Research, and the University Accounting WISDM data mart. Some options on this page require special security and/or instructions for use, so links are included to assist with requesting access.

  • Accounts have already been set up to give all ADA's, Chairs, and Dean's office personnel access to the data warehouse, also known as the Interactive Reporting Workspace.

  • Queries have been created in the Data Warehouse by the Registrar's office to provide curriculum and student data, and more will be created as requests are made.

  • Documentation (and a short video) has been created to show how to find and run queries within the Data Warehouse.  Instructions show how to limit query populations and how to export the results to Excel. This documentation can be accessed directly from the Data/Report Finder page or from the LTS Online Help page in the Campus-Specific section.

  • Training classes have been offered and more are planned to help staff use Excel more effectively to analyze data. Check the LTS training site for Upcoming Workshops.

  • Additional classes will be offered by the Registrar's office to highlight specific queries available for department operational use.

  • A Data Request page has been created by the Registrar's office to handle additional reporting requests. Usage of this Data Request will soon be expanded to include Institutional Research and Human Resources requests.