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Technology Updates in Large Lecture Halls 


During early January, LTS coordinated technology upgrades to the seven large lecture halls on campus:  Phillips 007, Haas Fine Arts 101, Schneider 100 and Hibbard 100/101/102/103. Most of the work was completed by Camera Corner/Connecting Point (an integrator out of Green Bay), who also handled the major technology upgrades to 85 classrooms across campus this past summer.

In addition to the necessary changes to hardware and wiring to accommodate digital technology (most of which will be unseen by the user), all seven rooms now have Crestron control panels which are virtually identical. These control panels allow faculty to move from one room to another without having to "re-learn" how everything works.

Some other features which are new to most of these rooms include:

  • A Blu-Ray Player
  • Two "Confidence Monitors" (which mimic what is being displayed for the class and can also be used for previewing material)
  • Convenient USB jacks, connected to both PC and Mac
  • Digital HDMI and Display Port connections for laptops with digital outputs
  • A Digital Document Camera (with improved resolution)

Due to a manufacturer's delay, the upgrade to the lighting controls in these rooms has been rescheduled to take place during Spring Break.

Printed documentation for basic use is available at the teaching station in each of the lecture halls. Online documentation is available, and will include some of the advanced features shortly. And, as always, personal demonstrations/instructions by LTS staff can be arranged by contacting the LTS Helpdesk.

Reactions to the upgrade have been positive so far. One professor in Phillips stated, "So far, in P007, I just hook things up and they work. Selecting what you want presented on each of the projectors is also much more straightforward to figure out and implement. I also really like having the two monitors that show exactly what is being projected. It is really nice not having to crane your neck to look back over your shoulder to see what is being projected."

Future upgrade planning includes distance education classrooms in summer 2012 and then departmental labs, as resources allow.