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February 2012 


Looking forward to a wonderful spring semester!  (And hoping this picture will have green leaves and flowers soon!)

 Snowy morning

In this installment of LTS News . . .

Short Takes February 2012
A lot of upgrades are going on in LTS -- learn about our improved desktop support. Also, phishing attacks are still creating a problem for Eau Claire email accounts -- read about the upcoming password change.

Video Content Management System
Get ready for a significant update to the video content management system coming soon to Eau Claire!

Data Reporting Enhancement
LTS has been busy making data reporting more accessible. Check out some of the updates and training classes.

Excel Training Initiative
Find out all about the new Excel training workshops, along with new instructional videos and documentation.

Technology Updates in Large Lecture Halls
The digital technology and control panels have been updated in the seven large lecture halls! Take a look at the exciting new enhancements and the new help documentation.

Thin Client Pilot
Learn about the exciting new Thin Client technology being piloted in computer labs on campus, thanks to the Lab Anywhere initiative.

Tools for Teaching
Save the date and reserve your spot at the 3rd annual Tools for Teaching Showcase!