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Short Takes February 2012 


Enhancements to our Help Desk support

With a recent upgrade to software, the LTS Help Desk recently initiated improvements to their support system. When you contact the Help Desk you will now receive an email acknowledging that a support call was received and providing a description of the request. That email will also indicate when the requestor can expect an answer to be available.  If you receive an acknowledgement, please review the information about the call to check our accuracy. When we close a call, you'll again receive an email describing the final resolution and asking for feedback in the form of a survey. Please let us know as soon as possible if you disagree with any information related to the accuracy of the problem description or final resolution. We appreciate your feedback on individual calls and our service in general.

Phishing attacks still creating problems with passwords

UW-Eau Claire students and staff are still being plagued with phishing emails, often asking for username and password, but sometimes asking for personal banking information. Supplying this information can be disastrous to you and our campus in multiple ways!  See the article in our December LTS News for more background information and suggestions of what to do if you have given out your password.

Due to the number of our users who have compromised their passwords by responding to bogus phishing attacks, we are going to start a one-time forced password change the week of February 6. During the following several weeks, all users will be asked to change their UW-Eau Claire password, in an effort to salvage compromised accounts. (Normally users are asked to change their password at least once yearly. Hopefully our students and staff will be diligent in protecting their passwords so we won't have to inconvenience people with more frequent password changes.)