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Learning Technology Updates 


Each edition of LTS news will include ideas of innovative use of technologies for teaching and learning. If you'd like more information, contact April Pierson, Learning Technology Consultant (

How to Add Interactivity and Accountability to Videos Viewed Out of Class.  With the increasing popularity of hybrid teaching, how do you ensure students actually viewed the videos you assigned? It is possible to embed a Google form into a D2L page right below the video, so the students answer questions about the video. For more information, visit April's blog on Using a Google Form to Make Videos a Bit More Interactive.

Want Facebook Functionality Without Actually Using Facebook? Check out Yammer! It functions very similarly to Facebook. LTS started a UWEC network; anyone with a UWEC email address can join. You can make groups for specific classes and use it to network with other faculty and staff. For more information visit April's blog on the Educational Use of Yammer

Update! Teaching Wirelessly in the Classroom with MimioPad: In the last edition of LTS news, I mentioned the Wacom Intuos as a nice option for faculty to be able to walk around the classroom and control the computer monitor (i.e., advance PowerPoint slides and annotate). The MimioPad is actually a better option because it uses an RF signal instead of Bluetooth. The Mimio software is available on all teaching stations. Contact April if you'd like to try out the MimioPad or click here for more information.

Camtasia Pilot: CETL and LTS have teamed up to manage a pilot of Camtasia, which is a screencasting software. Screencasts are a way for educators to record something on their computer screen, such as a software demonstration, and share it with others in an online format (such as YouTube video). Interested faculty have received licenses and will provide feedback on whether the software should be supported on a larger scale, for more faculty. If you would like more information on Camtasia or other free screencasting options, feel free to contact April.

About April: My job is to assist faculty with purposeful use of technology that enhances teaching and learning. I work in LTS and frequently April Piersoncollaborate with CETL and other LTS staff. I facilitate workshops and learning communities and provide individual consultations. Another major focus of my job is researching new educational technologies and evaluating their usefulness for higher education in collaboration with faculty.