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Password Warning 


Please do not EVER give your password in response to an email! 

We have had multiple UW-Eau Claire students and staff members respond to bogus emails that requested their username and password, and the results have been disastrous. 

What happens when you supply your password is that the party on the other end can send emails as if they were you. They can also read any of your emails! TheseComputer lockdown past weeks we were blocked by multiple email servers (Google, AOL, Microsoft, etc.) because malicious individuals sent phishing emails out to our students and staff and, unfortunately, many fell for it and submitted their username/password. These phishers then sent hundreds of thousands of bogus emails around the world using these stolen email accounts. It literally took only an hour or two!

UW-Eau Claire will NEVER ask you for your password. These new phishing emails are VERY clever and sound official, including valid phone numbers and referencing the UW Board of Regents, but do not be fooled!!
What Should I do?
Always use a separate password for every site. For example, you should never use the same password you use for your UW-Eau Claire account for your banking account. 
If you have given out your password
  1. Immediately change your password by going to or sign in to a UW-Eau Claire Windows computer and Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] next Click Change a Password.
  1. Notify our Help Desk at 715-836-5711 (Do NOT give ANYONE your password—that includes our Help Desk!)
~Chip Eckardt
CIO Learning and Technology Services