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Backup Tapes 


LTS is offering a new service to UW-Eau Claire: tape destruction. The idea of backup tapes, of course, is that if your computer crashes, you retrieve the most recent data tape and you have your data back.

Problems occur when data tapes pile up and are never sorted or cleaned out. To prevent this confusing collection of archaic information, any tapes containing data that is no longer valid, necessary, accessible, or no longer valuable to you, should be properly destroyed.

Why not just throw them in the trash? You might ask. Excellent question, and the answer is fairly simple: throwing a data tape away might be illegal or damaging to the university. According to federal regulations such as FERPA, Sox, and PCI, anything with information that might be private or protected – such as personally identifiable information, Social Security numbers, credit cards or health information must be disposed of properly. Data tapes may also contain Intellectual property that, if lost, might be damaging to the university.

LTS is using a service that shreds the tapes and will properly dispose of those tapes for you.

If you have questions, contact Steve Ranis via e-mail at