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Windows Lync Instant Messaging & More 


Microsoft Lync 2010 allows for instant messaging, file transfer, video and audio calls, desktop sharing, and web conferences. It combines and replaces Office Communicator 2007 and Live Meeting 2007 with one easy to use program.  
Lync was installed on all Windows 7 Office and General Access lab PC's, so will be available for use immediately upon login on any campus computer. It will beComputer Chat configured to not start automatically, so others will only see your online presence if you choose to start it or configure it to start automatically.  
Lync is available for home use on both platforms. It can be downloaded from

The Lync client is licensed for UW-Eau Claire users. If someone from UW-Eau Claire wants to chat/video conference with someone who does not have the Lync client, that non-UW-Eau Claire user will need to install the free Lync Attendee client

The web based scheduler for Lync conferences is It is only available on campus. Mac users can use Communicator until the full Mac Lync comes out this fall for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The full Mac client integrates with Outlook 2011 and will provide the same scheduling options as those found in the Windows version of Outlook.  

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