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Video Projects and Tips 


Having students make videos can be a positive way to enforce classroom ideas and material. However, these projects require an abundance of time and commitment from students and instructors. So what can you do to ensure that this semester's video project goes smoothly?

  1. Know your options; UW-Eau Claire has video and audio editing software programs such as iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker, and Audacity.Video camera

  2. Schedule a consultation with BITS staff to identify technology tools and implementation that will make your video project run efficiently and effectively. You can schedule an appointment by emailing BITS at

  3. Scheduling a Group Workshop with BITS can help get your class started on the right track. Visit the BITS website at to get details about requesting a workshop.

  4. Visit the BITS Video & Audio Projects page at to create a project folder for saving projects.  Videos should be saved to M.A.S.S., or, the Media Assisted Storage Server. BITS can help you create personal or group folders for your class that have 60 GB, are backed up for 28 days, and can easily be set up with permissions for collaboration projects.

  5. Visit the BITS Video & Audio Projects page at to view brochures on Using Multimedia Software and Hardware, Creating Quality Video, Royalty Free Music, Free Play Music, and Microsoft Clip Art.

  6. Utilize the two labs with new, faster computers for video making in OL1100 and OL1108b.

  7. Have fun! Allow your students to reap the full benefits from your project by giving them the latitude to be creative and to experiment with the software, and to enjoy the process.


If you have questions about UW-Eau Claire movie and audio software, contact the Help Desk at 715-836-5711, or email a question to