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Short Takes Fall 2011 


This page includes short takes on:

Auto-Lock Time Outs

Last spring LTS consulted with Deans and Chairs to implement a security best practice made possible with Windows 7. That practice locks a computer screen after 15 minutes of inactivity and then requires a login to put it back in use. Automatically locking the screen will help protect information if people inadvertently walk away without manually locking their machines. 

With the pressure of classes starting and considering the learning curve with other computing environment changes over the summer, we are delaying full implementation of this security safeguard, rolling back the inactivity period to 2 hours. The overall locking policy of fifteen minutes will be reinstated mid-semester.  Hopefully by temporarily increasing the inactivity time we can help alleviate some of the frustration during this period of all the new enhancements without seriously compromising a level of security.

If you need an exception to this policy prior to implementation or would like to see a full explanation of the security policy, please contact the Help Desk. 

PIN Security

It is important to remember to set at least a four character PIN on your smart phone or tablet. This is especially crucial on personally owned smart phones and tablets (iPads, Android, etc.) if you have your email downloaded to these devices or have confidential documents stored on them. Why? If your personally-owned phone or tablet is ever lost or stolen, and the thief accesses the data to steal credit card or identity information, YOU are personally liable. If you need help securing your smart phone or tablet contact our Help Desk at 715-835-5711, or email a question to 

Software Systems Working Group

Software Systems has been formed as a cross-sectional working group of people both within LTS and in associated software positions in other offices, with the goal of making our software system purchases, development, implementation and support more time and cost efficient. This team meets to discuss needs to purchase, modify or develop software applications for UW-Eau Claire to prevent duplication, discuss security issues and increase effectiveness of all systems. First initiatives include simplifying the initial procedures for planning new software and developing a comprehensive inventory of supported software.  

The primary emphasis of this group is software systems, which is being loosely defined as software which typically is used by multiple people and probably using some type of database to store information. Anyone considering purchasing or wishing to have software developed (including using formats such as eForms, Sharepoint sites and web sites) is encouraged to contact the Help Desk and request assistance. Someone from the team will then work with you to discover the best solution to your needs.

Access Your H: Drive Via the Web

You can now access your H: drive via the web without needing VPN! Simply go to either or to access your drive. This network storage includes secure web access, a map as a WebDav folder, and a Mobile view.

For Editing Microsoft Documents using or

  1. Click on either the staff or student H: drive link above.

  2. Log-in.

  3. Double click icon of document » Select View, Edit, and Sharing » Click Edit in MS Office.
    The Open Document dialog box will appear.

    Open Document dialog box

  4. Click Ok.

  5. Log-in again.

  6. Edit document.

  7. Click Save.


H: Drive and Share Quotas

Staff and Students have a quota of 1 gb for their H: drive and 1 gb for their email, however, staff may request a quota increase for individual H: drives. Staff and Departmental Shares now have quotas as well, but may request increases or use the M.A.S.S. (Media Assisted Storage Server) drive.

Windows 7 Deployment

Windows 7 and Office 10 was deployed this summer and is the new standard Windows software on campus. Check out the LTS Online Help for more information on changes to software. Windows 7 Office pc's print to PRINTOFFICE (PRINT is gone), and Windows 7 Lab pc's print to PRINTLAB.


All residence halls now have wireless network connectivity, and all University computers have UWECwireless and UWECreshalls prepopulated. (SSID: UWECreshalls) 

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Calendar/Holidays Feature

Using the Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2010, you can import UWEC events and holidays into your calendar. See the UWEC Holiday Calendar page on the LTS Help website for instructions to add these events and holidays into your outlook calendar, and also how to remove them.