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Phone Updates 


With the recent start of the semester, there are a few items to stress to the departments regarding the newer IP phones that are installed. For thosePhone areas that do not have these phones, we will hopefully get them installed this fall semester.

If you need another phone line there is still a charge to install the new number. The charge (from AT&T) is $78, which includes an hour of our technician time to setup the phone, install it, and update our records. It takes 3-5 business days to get a new number installed. 

Please be aware that if a staff member has an IP phone and they change offices, the phone can move with them; it is assigned to that person, that username. This is easier than reassigning lines and voicemail. However, you must inform LTS.TELEPHONE that there has been a move made. Nancy Revak of Telephone Services will then update the staff member's location so it is correct online and will update the billing database, the cable/wiring database, and the E911 Database. All of these items are essential in keeping the location of that phone current.

If a person leaves the University and they have an IP phone, please let LTS.TELEPHONE know this as well. It is up to the department to inform Nancy Revak that someone has left. If we do not remove the information for the phone and voicemail, their name will still show up on the phone and that username will continue to get voicemails sent to their email. 

A note about voicemail – it can only be assigned to one username. This system does not allow for a shared mailbox, where both people can get separate voicemails. In these cases, it is suggested that the staff decide if they want voicemail and who to assign it to. We can always change it later on if it is not working for them. If you need to reset your voicemail PIN, go into webmail » click options » select phone » click reset my voicemail PIN. There, you can also change your settings to get email and calendar notifications via text message.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! May the semester go by smoothly for you. Thank you!

If you have questions or phone updates, contact:

Nancy Revak
Telephone Services
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire