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Learning Technology Updates 


Each edition of LTS news will include ideas of innovative use of technologies for teaching and learning. If you'd like more information, contact April Pierson, Learning Technology Consultant. 

How to Save a YouTube Video: Found something great on YouTube to share with your students that you don't want to lose? We have a solution. Check out my You Tube logoblog for more info:

Teaching Wirelessly in the Classroom: The Wacom Intuos shows a lot of promise for teaching wirelessly, meaning an educator could walk around theWacom logo classroom with a wireless slate and control the computer monitor (advance PowerPoint slides, navigate the internet, etc). The main purpose of the Intuos is actually to write on the computer in your own handwriting, which could be helpful for instructors of math, chemistry, etc. where you normally would write on a whiteboard. If you're interested in learning more and/or trying out the Intuos, contact April Pierson ( 

Use of Blogs for Class Assignments: A few educators are using Google Blogger as a venue for students to post certain assignments, such as journals, which Google Blogs logowere previously submitted to the D2L dropbox. Blogs can be an interesting alternative to D2L discussions or the dropbox, especially if gaining familiarity with blogging would be helpful to the students in their careers. If you'd like more information about using blogs, please see my blog and post on the subject:

About April: My job is to assist faculty with purposeful use of technology that enhances teaching and learning. I work in LTS and frequently collaborate with CETL April Piersonand other LTS staff. I facilitate workshops and learning communities and provide individual consultations. Another major focus of my job is researching new educational technologies and evaluating their usefulness for higher education in collaboration with faculty.