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Classroom Updates 


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This past summer, LTS coordinated proactive technology upgrades to 85 classrooms across campus. While some of the changes will provide added enhancement for users and a consistent operation from room to room, many of the changes will be unseen by the user.

Because the industry is changing the way that technology will be sending their signal from source to display, LTS needs to adapt and add hardware, as well as replace signal wiring in order to insure that faculty will continue to be able to utilize technology as a viable tool of teaching and learning in the future. A single control system program for all classrooms will also provide additional support capabilities for LTS and minimize any "down-time" when any hardware or software might fail.

Along with the changes, there also needed to be some decisions regarding elimination of older technologies. Because of budget and staffing cutbacks, LTS is no longer going to be supporting VHS video players, slide projectors, cassette/CD players and overhead transparency projectors. Any faculty members who still have critical material in any of these formats can contact LTS for options.  (CD players are still available in music department labs which were not updated this summer.)

While Macintosh computers will also no longer be provided in standard classrooms, connectivity for laptops (including Mac's) is provided, including digital HDMI connections and USB thumb drives. Classrooms are also equipped with digital document cameras.

Planning is underway for future upgrades on campus, including the largest lecture halls on campus, as well as various curricular labs.