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Are Your Adobe Acrobat Forms Legal? 


If you have a PDF and are looking to save data within a document, do not use Adobe Acrobat Professional. We cannot legally use the ability that Adobe has built into Acrobat Professional that allows you to create a form that can save a copy with the data in it. The key is 'with the data' in it. While Adobe Acrobat Professional software allows this, Adobe licensing does not. (If you read the multiple paged EULA - End User Licensing Agreement - the first time you use Acrobat Professional, this information is specified.) These abilities are only available if you license another one of their products that would cost our campus over $100,000. 

If you had created a form in Adobe Acrobat Professional, and follow the instructions for enabling Reader users to save form data, going into the Advanced tab and then to Extend Features in Adobe Reader . . . the following Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader box appears:

Acrobat adobe extended dialog box

Notice that this rights disclaimer does not say that it is illegal to save the data unless you purchase their much more expensive product, but the software gave the user the ability to open a document in Adobe Reader, edit the data, and save.  If you have Adobe Acrobat X Pro these options are no longer available.  The use of Live Cycle Designer is not going to give you the same results.

So if you need to create a form that lets the user save data, please use either Microsoft Word, or contact LTS about our workflow product called BP Logix. Both products can be used with no additional cost!