July 15, 2010

Director's Chair

Mobile Devices and Security

In a previous Director's Chair, Carol wrote about the evolution of computing from desktop to portable to now mobile. The surge of computing appliances started some time ago, but the capabilities of these appliances has increased to the point they need to be managed in the IT environment.

There are difficult choices and decisions to make involving personal gadgets and if and how they are used for business. Many people have smart phones, iPads or some other device. I am certain there are thoughts that one can be more productive if the devices can be used for work; however, placing company data on consumer devices can open some big security holes.

I was reading a study about "Do Users Really Care about Data Security?" The study found workers are generally imprudent and ambivalent about security. The study of 1,600 businesses both large and small, determined that risky online practices and attitudes were customary.

The combination of the personal devices coupled with employee practices and attitudes, places the job of consistently reinforcing the message on the backs of IT professionals. The message is that data security protects organization viability, and users need to be made conscious of best practices to safeguard data with whatever they use to connect to it. How will we educate the mobile device users?

 ~Craig Mey


A Hint for Eliminating Robo-Calls
Nancy Revak forwarded this message from Melissa Mlsna who is a Program and Policy Ananlyst for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
"There is also a 'trick' to removing your number from the robo-calls. I have used this and it has worked. When a person receives one of these types of calls there is usually a delay on the other end. If the recipient presses and holds their #1 button for at least 20 seconds (there has to be a tone when the button is held) this sends a signal back to the autodialer/robo-call on the other end letting them 'believe' that they have reached a fax machine. The number is promptly removed from the auto dialer list. Feel free to try this out and to pass the info along."


Congratulations Tom and Megan!
LTS sends out  congratulations to Tom Pemberton and his new wife, Megan. They were married last Saturday, July 11, at Florian Gardens here in Eau Claire.

Student Profile: Allison Pherson


Donors Help IS Students Obtain Laptops For Classes

Thanks to grant from Northwestern Mutual Foundation and a private gift from UW-Eau Claire alumnus Rick Schroder and his wife, Evelyn Zabo, ten information systems (IS) students now own their own laptop computers. Each student received $700 to purchase a laptop that meets College of Business computing requirements.

Beginning with the fall 2009 semester, students in more than 20 business classes must have in-class access to their own laptop computer. Persistent budget cuts forced the college to implement this cost-saving measure.

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Add Meetings to Your Outlook Calendar

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Wednesday, February 11
Internship Mania
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Davies Center

Add to Your Outlook Calendar Early Morning Employer Social
8:00 - 10:00 am
Alumni Room, Davies Center

Add to Your Outlook Calendar COB Forum: Research Presentation
12:00 - 12:50 pm
Location: Schneider 304
Presenter: Rama Yelkur
Topic: Animosity and Purchase Intentions: Cross Cultural Validation in Two Countries

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