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Core Values

We Believe. . .

  • People—our employees and clients—are the campus' most valuable assets and what we say and do concerning them is most important to us

  • Clients and colleagues should be treated in a kind, courteous, and fair manner that reflects our values of equity, diversity, and inclusion

  • We enhance quality and sustainability by following a standard methodology of documenting needs, by documenting requirements and by using continuous improvement strategies

  • Our success is measured by stable, predictable, long-term client satisfaction

  • The university emphasis on teaching and learning holds for all units and especially for LTS

  • Decisions that benefit only individuals may have an adverse effect on the whole; we consider the overall University community when making decisions

  • The cost of reliable and accessible services should be consistent with client needs

  • The Total Cost of Ownership guides decision making; expenditures of human and monetary resources are viewed holistically

  • A participatory work environment and a network organizational structure places decision-making at the best-suited level and avoids excessive and cumbersome rules and procedures