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September 2011
September 2011
Are Your Adobe Acrobat Forms Legal?
Classroom Updates
Learning Technology Updates
LTS Status Announcements
Mobile Computing Initiatives
Phone Updates
Short Takes Fall 2011
Video Projects and Tips
Windows Lab Virtualization
Windows Lync Instant Messaging & More
December 2011
Backup Tapes
D2L Outage Planned
December 2011
Emerging Technologies
Final Grade Export to CampS
Learning Technology Updates
Password Warning
Short Takes December 2011
February 2012
Data Reporting Enhancements
Excel Training Initiative
February 2012
Short Takes February 2012
Technology Updates in Large Lecture Halls
Thin Client Pilot
Tools for Teaching
Video Content Management
May 2012 Newsletter
Changes to MyBlugold are Coming!
Creating a Projects Drive Folder
D2L Upgrade
Getting to Know Your iPad
IP Phones
Learning Spaces Digital Upgrade
Learning Technology Updates
May 2012
Phasing Out the People Pages System
Setting A Pin on Your Smart Mobile Device
Short Takes May 2012
Summer 2012 Workshops
September 2012
Laptops Used with Displays/Projectors
New Computer and Printer Purchases Process
New MyBlugold System
New! D2L Version 10
Pursuing Excellence in Learning Technology
Security Warning
September 2012
Short Takes September 2012
LTS News Dec 2012
December 2012
Learning Technology Updates
Mobile Print Initiative
Short Takes December 2012
February 2013
Computer, Software, and Printer Purchasing eForm
February 2013
MyBlugold CampS Tips and Updates
Profile Pages and People Pages
Short Takes February 2013
May 2013 News
Blue Jeans - Cloud-Based Video Conferencing
CommonSpot Updates
May 2013
Microsoft Office 2013
MyBlugold and MyBlugold CampS Upgrades
Short Takes May 2013
Summer 2013 D2L Outage
Summer 2013 Updates to University Mac Computers
Windows 8 Tablet Pilot
LTS News Sept 2013
Active Learning Classrooms
Adobe Creative Suite Licensing Changes
Increased Phishing Attacks
Learning Technology Updates
Microsoft Office 2013
New UWEC Mobile App
NEW! Blugold Insider
September 2013
Short Takes September 2013
December 2013
December 2013
D2L 10.1 Upgrade During Winterim
Moving Into Centennial Hall
Resetting W: Drive Permissions
May 2014
Adobe Creative Cloud
Campus Television Service to Receive Upgrade
Class Distribution List Membership
D2L 10.3 Upgrade During Summer
Mainframe Migration
May 2014
Open Web Space Changes: FAQ
Perl Retirement: FAQ
Public Website Redesign: FAQ
Short Takes May 2014
Website Redesign and Improvement
Active Learning Classrooms
Blugold Insider has a New Look
Class Distribution List Membership
D2L 10.3 Upgrade
Guard Yourself from Cyber Attacks
New Username Process
September 2014
Short Takes September 2014
Technology Tools from LTS
Website Redesign and Improvement
Wireless Network Changes
LTS Newsletter December 2014
December 2014
Short Takes December 2014
Web Changes Coming!
LTS News Jan 2015
Redesigned Web Goes Live!
Short Takes January 2015
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Purchasing iPads and Mobile Devices
Information Security
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Data Safety and Protection
Phishing Attacks
Blugold Insider Support (SharePoint)
Blugold Insider: Assisted Work Time
Blugold Insider: Browser Compatibility
Blugold Insider: Lists and Libraries
Blugold Insider: Page Types
Blugold Insider: RSS Viewer Web Part
Software Support
D2L Supported Browsers
Installing Software on Office Computers
Test Scoring and Course Evaluations
MyBlugold CampS: Faculty, Staff, and ADA Support
ADA Documentation
ADA Navigation Tips Sheet
Attendance Tracking Submission
Final Grade Export to MyBlugold CampS
Grade Submission
MyBlugold CampS Terminology
MyBlugold CampS: Faculty, Staff, and ADA Support
Navigation Tips Sheet
Navigation Tips Sheet for Advisors
Request Access
MyBlugold CampS Student Support
Accessing and Submitting Your Financial Aid Award
Accessing Personal Information
Apply for Graduation
Checking Grades
Class Schedule by Subject
Dropping Classes
Editing Information for Commencement
Editing Your Addresses
Editing Your Emergency Contacts
Editing Your Hometown for News Releases
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Guests: Browse Course Catalog
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Guests: Public Search in the Class Schedule
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MyBlugold CampS: Students and Guests
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Overview of the Student Center
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Registration Holds and To Do Lists
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Requesting Official and Unofficial Transcripts
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Viewing My Class Schedule
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Creating Presentations
Creating Reflections
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