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About Us

The Loss Prevention and Safety Office provides the following services.

Risk Management

The basic goals of this unit are: to identify potential human, physical, financial and material losses; measure the effect on the University should such losses occur; and apply risk management techniques. These are avoid, prevent, reduce, assume and transfer.

Environmental Health & Safety

The basic goal of this unit is to enforce, interpret, and develop policies and procedures to achieve compliance with federal and state regulations. This is accomplished through efficient and effective hazardous waste management, training and technical programs, environmental audits/monitoring, and safety audits.

Some of the functions coordinated in this unit are:

  • Accident Analysis
  • Environmental Assessment and Training
  • Hazardous Materials & Management
  • Insurance Programs (claims and restitution)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Worker's Compensation Accident Investigation


Please contact Diane Hunter at 836-3999 if you have questions or concerns relating to hazardous materials.