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Program Requirements 

By pursuing a broad yet in-depth course of study, Latin American Studies majors are well equipped to enter many fields and occupations as teachers in the United States or Latin America; as business people sensitized to Latin American history and culture; or as journalists, government employees, lawyers, and doctors, whose contact with Latin America or Latin Americans in the United States is important.

Latin American Studies students develop language proficiency in Spanish and can choose from a broad range of courses in anthropology, art history, economics, foreign languages, geography, history, political science, and religious studies.

The major is well-suited for:

1. Students who wish to pursue careers which require residence in or knowledge of Latin America (e.g., business, journalism, government, NGOs, travel industry);

2. Those who plan to teach Spanish and/or social sciences in the secondary schools; and

3. Students who wish to pursue graduate work in Latin American where specialization would be helpful (e.g., Hispanic literatures, political science, economics, history).

Check out this great LAS Page from the UWEC catalogue to get a better idea of what LAS really is!


For more information about UW-Eau Claire's programs in Latin American Studies, contact:

Dr. Analisa De Grave
Department of Languages
Centennial Hall 4919
UW-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004
(715) 836-4546