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Degree Planning

Winterim 2016 LAS Course Offering

This winterim there will be an ONLINE offering of POLS/LAS 319 The Politics of Latin America taught by Sergio Valverde.

This is the only opportunity you will have to take POLS/LAS 319 until next Winterim, so make sure you get your seat as soon as you can.

Space is limited: make sure you register as soon as you can.

Study Abroad!

Looking for a place to fulfill your language immersion requirement but still not sure where you'd like to go? Consider the many options for Latin American countries offered through CIE at You can fulfill your language immersion through various programs in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Chile.

Fulfill GE/LE requirements and get an authentic experience by living with a host family!

For more information including language requirements, costs, and full program descriptions check out the CIE website!

NEWS FLASH! A new program with UPAEP in México has just been approved. You can study in Puebla for a semester, a year or in summer, beginning with Summer 2016! Details on the CIE website soon!

NEWS FLASH! An agreement has been reached with the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú (PUCP)! You can now also study in Lima, Perú for a year, a semester or in summer. Details on the CIE website soon! (Note that the summer program in Peru is only for four weeks and therefore does not by itself fulfill the six week immersion requirement for LAS, and that only the Spanish-language summer program would fulfill the immersion requirement.)

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Course Offerings

The Spring 2016 LAS Course list will soon be available! We'll provide a link here to that list so you can start planning your 2016 Spring semester.

LAS Electives

Not sure which elective to take? Check out Dr. Gerardo Licon's video explanation of what LAS 314 is all about. See if this course is for you!

Math 107 "Mathematics in Latin American Cultures"

Latin American Studies students will be very interested in taking Math 107, "Mathematics in Latin American Cultures," to fulfill their math requirement. This course covers mathematical concepts through a discussion of how they were and are used and by indigenous peoples of the Americas. It's math with a cultural focus! Click here to see pictures of the quipus and the Nasca lines, both of which are projects done by students as part of the class. (You'll have to take the class to understand how they work and what they mean.)

When the class is taught in the Spring, it's possible to do the Nasca lines in something other than snow. Click here to see pictures from Spring 2014 of the lines on the sand at a baseball field.

Degree Planning Checklists

The materials below are here to help you, but you should double check with an LAS advisor as these may be outdated. These are based on the 2013-14 catalog. Majors were reconfigured in the 2014-15 catalog. Those changes are not reflected here yet. (2/27/15).

Degree Planning Packets

Latin American Studies GE's

Latin American Studies Internships