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About Latin American Studies 

The Latin American Studies program at UW-Eau Claire has come to distinguish itself as a unique program for its focus on international immersion experiences and its expectation of a high level of language proficiency from its students.  In addition to these distinctive features, the LAS curriculum is interdisciplinary and multicultural and offers transformative learning experiences that push students to critically examine the spaces between the local and the global.

The Latin American Studies Program offers four majors and a minor:

Comprehensive majors (60 credits; do not require a minor)
Latin American Studies - Liberal Arts
Latin American Studies -Teaching*
*Leads to licensure to teach Spanish in grades K-12

Standard majors (36 credits; require a minor)
Latin American Studies - Liberal Arts (Language Emphasis)
Latin American Studies - Liberal Arts (Culture, Language and Society Emphasis)

Latin American Studies - Liberal Arts

Coming soon:
A 12 credit certificate in Latin American Studies has been approved that has NO language requirement and requires NO immersion time in a Latin American country. It will be very beneficial for students who do not know Spanish or may not be able to pursue further studies in the language but are pursuing careers in fields such as education, nursing, social work, international business and other programs in which knowledge about Latin America and its peoples can be useful. This certificate will be in the UWEC Catalog beginning 2017-18, but you can start taking courses to fulfill the requirements as of Spring 2017.

Contact Prof. Fernández ( for more details.

Did you know?

Students seeking a major or minor in LAS can also cover some or most of their General and Liberal Education requirements through the LAS core curriculum.

Starting salaries for students graduating with proficiency in one or more foreign languages are at least 20 percent higher than for students who speak English only! A second language is always a plus!

Study abroad, internships and volunteering

LAS students (majors and minors) must spend a minimum of six weeks of language immersion either abroad in an approved program in Latin America or in an approved alternative intercultural experience.

Research with faculty

Our faculty offer top notch advising and include students in a variety of research opportunities. For example, students may engage in Faculty/Student Research Collaborations, international or domestic internships, Diversity Mentoring projects, the International Fellows Program, Faculty-led International Imemersion Experiences (FLIIEs) and student designed independent studies.