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Movement Studies 


Description of Program

The Movement Studies emphasis in Kinesiology is a standard major requiring 36 credits. It is a general liberal arts degree, providing an understanding of Kinesiology and appreciation of human movement. It is the only emphasis in Kinesiology which is not a comprehensive major and therefore a minor outside of the Kinesiology department or a second major is required for graduation. Choosing a minor (minimum of 24 credits) or second major will be an important part of the student's preparation for career choices and/or further education. Any combination of this emphasis and a minor or second major must contain 60 unique credits. It is helpful to choose a minor in the first or second year so that a timely graduation is possible. A topical minor may interest some students. To look at the requirements for a topical minor please check the catalog.

Career Opportunities

Although this emphasis is characterized as a general liberal arts degree and doesn't provide the same professional preparation as the Human Performance emphasis, careers similar to list provided on the human performance page are possible. Minors may influence the student's choice of career and provide some additional expertise. Examples of common minors include a dance minor, a sports psychology or sociology topical minor and a business minor.

Admission Criteria

The Movement Studies emphasis requires a 2.0 total, resident and major gpa for graduation. At this time there are no special admissions requirements, but it is possible that enrollment in this program could be capped in the future. Any changes in this will be thoroughly publicized on our web site.

Other Information