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Participation is open to any adults who want to learn how to make exercise a regular part of their lifestyle. We are specifically targeting two basic groups of people:

  • Those who have completed rehab in a hospital or clinical setting, but do not yet feel ready to just exercise on their own- this will be an “in between” program to help you reach new independence!

  • Any adults who need a structured exercise program with group support to begin the process of improving their health- this may be the “jump start” you need!

Running in its current form since 1998, the program has helped hundreds of people with a wide variety of physical issues: muscle weakness, inflexibility, lack of endurance, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, depression, etc. We have had many husband-and-wife combinations, and even some parent-and-child combinations. This is an ideal program for families and friends to do together.

Because this is a community exercise program and not a medical facility, those who are at high risk for cardiovascular incidents will first be referred to their physician or a hospital based program


  • Improve Cardio-respiratory health
  • Positively influences mental health
  • Positive social environment
  • Improved self image
  • Individualized / One-on-One
Great Kinesiology Human Performance student leaders!
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Support and Camaraderie
Group Exercise!