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We begin our program with questionnaires to determine your cardiovascular risk level, exercise and health history, and goals that you would like to work towards. You will be paired with a primary student who will then discuss with you the types of assessment which might be appropriate. We can assess your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, body composition by many methods, heart rate and blood pressure, and screen for high blood sugar and cholesterol.
Then your student will design an individualized exercise prescription, help you implement it, and review it periodically for progress. The program should be sensible, safe, and enjoyable…the kind you can do regularly, and one that makes you feel better. This program should give you more energy, allow you to accomplish your activities of daily living, and leave you with a brighter outlook on life. We typically emphasize walking, since this is so useful, and we also work on flexibility and strength. For those who want or need to try other modes of exercise, there are stationary bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers, and the swimming pool that is available at limited times.
There are various classes offered each day throughout the week:
  • Stretching

Stretching Class 

  • Power, speed, and agility


  • Balance


  • Core



Monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate will be done as needed. Students will supervise and exercise with the participants while offering advice and answering questions.
Each semester concludes with an end-of-year potluck event that is included in your program fees. The program director will present the semi-annual program report during this event.  Participants will also receive individualized case study semester reports on their health outcomes from their respective students. Your program fees also include a T-shirt.  
· Clients meet with their student three days a week (M,W,F) from 5:30 am—7:30am.
The cost of the program is $85 per semester.




CFP 048
Community Fitness Testing Lab and Coffee Lounge
CFP 049
Treadmills & Lab Equipment in Exercise Physiology Lab
CFP 050
Cardio Machines in McPhee Strength & Conditioning Center
CFP 051
McPhee Strength & Conditioning Center
CFP 052
Olson Gym
CFP 053
Upper 200 meter Track
CFP 056
Core and mobility classes