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PRIDE for Adults 

Physical activity and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities in the Eau Claire area for Adults (PRIDE4Adults) PROGRAM

The intention of the PRIDE4Adults program is to serve adults with disabilities ages 17+ years by providing them an individualized exercise program. The exercise program will consist of an aerobic, resistance training, and range of motion components. Overall, the evidence shows that exercise provides important health benefits for people with disabilities. The benefits include improved aerobic and muscle fitness, improved psychosocial health, and better ability to do tasks of daily life.

Individualized programming for each participant will be based on initial screening, interests, and referral information.  Participants will receive individual/group instruction, attention, support, and encouragement from UWEC undergraduate students supervised by a university faculty member. The program will be suited for adults with a wide variety of ability levels.

Program Goals

1. Provide adults with disabilities individualized instruction that will assist in the development and improvement of their fitness.

2. Provide adults with disabilities an opportunity to continue working on areas of fitness that are being addressed in other rehabilitation settings.

3. Provide adults with disabilities an opportunity to exercise and interact with others in a safe, fun, and relaxed environment.

4. Provide UWEC students the opportunity to work with adults with a wide spectrum of movement abilities.

5. Provide UWEC students with learning opportunities that prepare them for professional school and/or their future professions.

6. Provide UWEC students the opportunity to develop understanding of the meaning of community service and an appreciation for serving others.

7. Provide UWEC and the surrounding community with an opportunity to enhance, strengthen, and highlight the importance of physical activity for adults with disabilities.