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Getting Here 

McPhee-Olson Center

The McPhee-Olson complex is located on the upper-south side of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire campus. To access the facility, you can turn north onto University Avenue from Clairemont (Highway 12). University Avenue will take you north between the McPhee-Olson complex on your right side (east) and the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) on your left side (west).    

Parking is available in several locations. You may park north of the McPhee-Olson complex (McPhee lot), although parking will be limited here (approximately 40 spaces) and we will ask those of you who are comfortable walking further to park elsewhere. Additional locations include the main parking lot on lower campus (Phillips lot) – you can then walk the stairs (good warm-up) up to McPhee. There are approximately 10 parking spaces on the east side of the McPhee-Olson complex. Parking in all of the above-mentioned locations is available to the general public for free until 8:00 AM.