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Video Library 

Welcome to the Athletic Injury Digital Video Library (AIDVL). The purpose of this page is to serve as an educational tool for students of athletic training and anyone interested in athletic injuries. Often, educators in athletic training talk about "mechanisms of injury" for particular athletic injuries. Typically, descriptions, still pictures, and illustrations are used to define these mechanisms. The following video clips show actual injuries occurring and thus, show the "mechanism of injury". These videos, which are small in order to maintain quality, can be viewed in slow motion and in real time. 

If you have a computer with Windows you should be able to view the .avi files with no problem. If you have a Mac or would like to view QuickTime clips on a Windows system, you can download the QuickTime movie viewer at

Also available on this site are images of injuries.

Submit Your Video

If you have a high quality video that show close-ups of an actual injury occurring, please send them to me (via email or postal) and I will add them to this page. Please send a short note with your video giving permission to use and put on the web. If you have a video clip from a televised game, I will contact the appropriate source (NFL, NBA, etc.) to get permission to use.

Send to:

Robert Stow
213 McPhee Center, UW-Eau Claire,
Eau Claire, WI, 54702

I would appreciate your comments and/or any problems that you have downloading the videos, viewing them, etc. Please contact Robert Stow at

I am very appreciative of the support in funding that was received for this project. Funding has come from: a UWEC NET Grant, UWEC College of Professional Studies, and the UWEC Department of Kinesiology.