About Us 

The Department of Kinesiology offers two comprehensive majors: Athletic Training and Kinesiology. In addition, the Kinesiology major has four areas of emphasis the student can choose from: Human Performance, Movement Studies, Physical Education Teaching, and Sport Pedagogy. Minors are available in Adapted Physical Education, Kinesiology, and Science of Coaching, along with licensure in Health Education.

The degree granting programs are designed for students interested in the academic study of human movement as it relates to a variety of professions including athletic coaching, athletic training, fitness management, health promotion, sport performance, teaching of physical education, and pre professional preparation for careers in areas such as physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, and occupational therapy.

  • For more information on all the Kinesiology programs of study, please use the Current Students or Prospective Students links, and then click on the Majors and/or Minors link.
  • The wellness theory and activity program is intended to meet the broader educational needs of the University community by providing learning opportunities related to health, wellness, and physical activity promotion.
  • The Department of Kinesiology also provides local, regional, and national service to the public through its community-based programming, including camps, clinics and workshops, athletic training services, children's movement education classes, and intergenerational adult fitness classes.