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All Gender Living

The purpose of all gender living is to allow for a comfortable and safe living environment for students across the gender spectrum. Applicants for all gender living will be required to exhibit their ability to support suitemates of all forms of gender expression.

In all gender living units (Chancellors, Haymarket or Aspenson-Mogensen Hall), the living space is not designated by a person's sex or gender. As you prepare for the room selection process, an all gender roommate group will need to fill all available spaces in the selected unit.

For example:

• If the roommate group is 3 students, the only option would be a 3 bedroom unit at Aspenson-Mogensen Hall.

• If the roommate group is 4 students, the options include Chancellors Hall, 4 bedroom at Aspenson-Mogensen Hall, 4 bedroom at Haymarket or 2 bedroom double at Haymarket.

• In Haymarket, the roommate group can have either 9 month academic term or 12 month yearly contracts among the group.

How to sign up for All Gender Living?

1. Each person in the roommate group must pay deposit and complete application by deadline
2. Determine your lottery number and corresponding sign up time
3. The individual in the roommate group with the earliest sign up time, generally becomes the leader who signs up all individuals in the group
4. One individual in the group, goes to My Housing Portal and there will be an option for either Single Gender Living (all male or female) or All Gender Living. Make the appropriate choice.
5. The All Gender Living will then populate all units currently available for all gender living in either Chancellors, Haymarket or Aspenson Mogensen Hall.

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