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Towers North Hall Director:

Larsi Bendriss
Phone: 715.836.3327

Current RA Staff:

2nd floor- Nic Ferch and Emily Gokey
3rd floor – Nicole Trautsch and Claire Kelk
4th floor - Alex Padalino and Alexandra Zarling
5th floor – Cole Gatzke and Anna Kerber
6th floor – MacKenzie Jensen and Katie Collins
7th floor – Timothy Gouker and Barbara Vue
8th floor – Joseph Huynh and Clara White
9th floor – Allison Johnson and Amber Pfiffner
10th floor – Levi Skog and Amanda Fischer

Towers South Hall Director:

Ryan Banaszak
Phone: 715.836.4760

Current RA Staff:

2nd floor- Inga Runstrom and Isaac Mousel
3rd floor – Mikala Russell and Chandra Weyrauch
4th floor - Katie Dorney and Chris Gomes
5th floor – Sierra Loeffler and Zach Kelliher
6th floor – Anna Waller and Malorie Eimermann
7th floor – Alexis Benjamin and David Paulson
8th floor – Morgan Sturm and Mark Hayes
9th floor – Shannon Durley and Sydney Hagen
10th floor – Kayla Patterson and Jacob Butkovich