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Thomas Hall is separated into two wings: East and West. Each wing consists of 23 - 29 residents (fewer on first floor) and one Resident assistant (RA). All standard rooms house two residents each.

First East and all of Third floor house female residents. First West and all of Second floor house male residents.

The GLC will include all residents of 1st and 2nd floors. 3rd floor will remain an open floor for any resident.

Room numbers are shown in gray, RA room numbers are shown in blue, unless otherwise noted.

Select a Wing

Dorm Preview
1st West
Rms 102-111
1st East
Rms 100, 101, 112-117, 134
2nd West *
Rms 206-217
2nd East *
Rms 200-205, 218-225
Basement West °
Rms 12, 14
Basement East
No Student Rooms

Starting at the second floor (room numbers in the
200's), All rooms are identical vertically. As such,
second floor can be used as a reference for all floors above it; for example, room 202 is the same as 302, 402, etc.

° The basement 'lounge' rooms are used for residential rooms when the rest of campus is filled. Residents of these rooms have first priority to be moved into a higher floor, upon request. The rooms are considered part of the First West Wing, and are shown as basement rooms here for the purpose of navigating this website.