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Hall Council Meetings

Active and engaged students set their own semi-regular meeting schedule in Horan hall to discuss and plan activities.  Contact the Horan Hall Director, Bill Macozek (, if you have business for the Horan Hall Council.

7:00pm | Mondays | Basement Lounge

Hall Council Staff

Temporary Advisory Group (TAG) serving to open the semester includes a group of Horan Hall veterans:

Eli Porter
Brian Johnson
Dan Scarr
Connor Justice
Joe Foyt
Emerson Freybler
Thomas Osborn
Fletcher Aplin
Michael Becker

Elections for officers will be held in mid to late September. Details will be determined by the residents upon arrival at the early meetings. First meeting, which is open to all Horan Residents is scheduled for Sunday Evening, September 7 at 7:00 pm in the Horan Basement.


Horan Hall Sausage Fest XIV w/ Wiffle Ball Tournament, the tradition continues when this annual event again happens on Monday Labor Day Afternoon.