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UW-Eau Claire Housing Contract Chancellors Hall

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1. This contract is for the entire academic year unless you are starting school second semester, and is NON-ASSIGNABLE.

2. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (hereinafter referred to as "University") agrees to furnish room to the aforementioned student (hereinafter referred to as "Student") for the period specified.

  • 2a. ONLY FULL-TIME STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR DURING WHICH THIS CONTRACT IS IN EFFECT MAY APPLY FOR ON-CAMPUS HOUSING AND ARE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER INTO THIS CONTRACT. For the purposes of this contract, an undergraduate student who registers for 12 or more credits at the University is a full-time student, and a graduate who registers for 9 or more credits is a full-time student.

3. In exchange for room, the Student agrees to pay to the University the fees established for the room by the Regents of the University of Wisconsin System or by its agent. The University reserves the right to make changes in room rates in the event that the costs related to providing this service increase more than anticipated at the time the rates were established.

  • 3a. The Student understands and agrees that this contract covers space in University on-campus housing. The University reserves the right to assign the Student to a specific location in University on-campus housing, but will attempt to honor the Student's expressed preference for location.
  • 3b. The space assigned to the Student is to be used and occupied by the Student for residential purposes ONLY.

4. The contract terminates twenty-four hours after the termination of the Student's status as a student at the University, or as provided, under Paragraph 12 herein. The Student agrees to vacate the premises at the end of the contract period and to follow checkout procedures established by the University Housing and Residence Life Office.


  • 5a. The deposit is in addition to the room fees and is intended to serve as a reservation deposit for the contract. The money is held in escrow and applied to second semester fees. If the student does not complete the contract for the full academic year, the deposit is forfeited and the Student is held responsible for room fees for the full academic year.
  • 5b. The deposit will be refunded if the Housing and Residence Life Office receives a written request from the student no later than May 1st of the preceding year.
  • 5c. The Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin System has established the following reasons for allowing students to be released from their contract.

1. Student is quitting school, graduating, involved in a university-sponsored educational experience here or overseas, or is transferring to another university.

2. Student has a serious medical problem that cannot be accommodated in the residence halls. This must be verified by the University Health Center (or a family physician).

3. Student gets married and will be living with his/her spouse.

Students will continue to be billed for their room for the entire year unless they have been officially released by the Housing and Residence Life Office.

6. The University may, upon advance notice and at reasonable times, inspect the space assigned to the Student. If the Student is absent from his/her room and the University reasonably believes that entry is necessary to preserve or protect the premises, the University may enter without notice and with such force as appears necessary.

7. Any property left at the end of the contract term shall be removed from the room. If not claimed within 30 days, it will be considered abandoned and disposed of accordingly. During such 30-day period, the University, officers, employees and agents will not be responsible for damage or theft of the property.

8. The Student can make no physical changes to the premises (including adding paneling, partitions or moving furniture) without prior consent of the Housing and Residence Life Office. The Student will be held responsible for University property that is damaged or missing during his/her period of occupancy and for extra cleaning which may be necessary.

9. Firearms (whether carried concealed or openly) and other devices designed as weapons and capable of producing death or great bodily harm are prohibited in the residence halls. All firearms, ammunition and bows and arrows will be registered and stored by the University's Police Office.

10. The Student agrees to hold harmless the University (officers, employees, agents) from and indemnify them for, any claims for damages sustained by the Student or others in his/her room or furnishings (as is sometimes done by residents) such as the construction of bunk beds, bookshelves, partitions, or other structures. This clause makes the Student financially responsible to the University and releases the University in the event a person who is injured by a hazard constructed by the Student claims that the University is liable for damages.

11. The Student agrees to observe all rules and regulations of the University, which are published in the Residence Hall Judicial Code, the Residence Hall Information Booklet and are incorporated by reference and made a part of this contract. The Residence Hall Judicial Code provides for direct student participation in the establishment and enforcement of residence hall rules and standards and their adjudication. Infractions can result in educational sanctions by a student violating its provisions. The code is reprinted in full in the Student Services & Standards Handbook. If you need a copy of the entire code prior to choosing your room, you may request this from the Housing and Residence Life Office.

12. Violations of any of the terms of this contract by either the University or the Student may constitute a breach of the contract. In the event of a breach by the University, the Student may seek such remedies available under Wisconsin Statutes. In the event of a breach by the Student, the University may take disciplinary action including, but not limited to, action by the Residence Hall Co-Educational Judicial Council, apart from and in addition to those remedies, which are available to the University under Wisconsin Statutes.

13. The University will not discriminate against any student on account of race, color, religion or creed, sex, national origin or ancestry.

14. All UW-Eau Claire residence halls close during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks with the exception of Towers, Thomas and Chancellors Halls. These halls remain open for international students, students involved with university sponsored programs or who are working. All halls remain open during spring holiday break.

15. The University reserves the right to deny or cancel a University residence hall contract for University-provided housing for an individual whose conduct and/or proven criminal record indicates a potential threat or danger to the University community, including students, faculty and staff.

16. Once the Student has signed up for a space in Chancellors Hall, they will not be allowed to move to another residence hall unless we are able to find someone else to fill their space in Chancellors Hall.  If the Student still plans to attend UWEC and wishes to cancel their Chancellors Hall housing contract after May 1st of the preceding year, the Student will be held responsible for the entire length of the contract unless they are released by the Director of Housing and we are able to find someone to fill their space in Chancellors Hall.

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