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Room Assignments

Where space permits, upper-class students returning to University residence halls are given preference for room assignments if rooms are selected during the time designated in the spring by the Housing and Residence Life Office.  After the designated time, requests for rooms by upper-class students will be accepted in the order they are received and considered along with those of new students.

Every attempt will be made to permit students to room with those whom they prefer. Students wishing to room together by mutual agreement should submit their online applications by the end of December. When requests cannot be met because of limitations, students will be assigned to another space if available.

Once a student has submitted a $75 Reservation Deposit (which is applied to Spring semester fees), they will be given access to a website where they can apply for housing. They will be able to make roommate, hall and lifestyle preferences as well as choose from meal plan options.

A student desiring a single room (only one occupant) must indicate this desire on the housing application. There is an additional charge for a single room beyond the cost of a double room. Only 20 single rooms are available, and preference is given to students with residence hall seniority and special needs.

Students will be notified of their residence hall assignment before summer orientation. Specially designed rooms for students with disabilities are available in certain halls. Please be sure to note this on your application if needed.

Applications from new students are received as early as mid-September.

Since room assignments are based on the date all properly completed items are received, it is to the student's advantage to return the application and deposit as soon as possible. Since the University may have more applicants than it has regular spaces available, late applicants may be assigned to a limited number of temporary housing accommodations (including hotels) until regular accommodations become available.

Specific room assignments are made prior to freshman orientation in mid-June.

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