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What housing is doing

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Housing and Res Life "green" initiatives

Housing and Residence Life is doing a lot to try and make our carbon footprint smaller. Some ways we are doing that include:

  • Recycled 401 mattresses during the summer of 2014
  • Installing motion sensors in study rooms and other common areas in the residence halls
  • Installed recyclable carpet tiles in Governor's and Sutherland during the summer 2014 residence halls
  • Installed low-flow shower heads in all the residence halls
  • Installed aerators on all  the bathroom faucets
  • Installing one filtered water bottle refilling stations in every hall, as old ones break replacing with refilling stations
  • Housing staff member, John Bresina, designed and student workers made folding tables in the laundry rooms from repurposed tiles and wood
  • Installing energy efficient washers and dryers
  • Repurposing desks, beds and dressers to nonprofit organizations when new furniture was installed at Putnam and K-T Halls
  • Purchased new indoor and outdoor recycling bins for all the residence halls
  • Designed new signage for improved recycling stations in all the residence halls
  • Upgraded to energy efficient windows in Governors, Horan, Bridgman, Oak Ridge and Sutherland Halls
  • Upgraded to energy efficient HVAC systems in Oakridge, Sutherland and Bridgman Halls
  • Switched to single-stream recycling in 2011-12 which has significantly increase the amount recycled in the halls
  • Switched to using cold water to powerspray showers since our cleaner works efficiently with cold water
  • Switched to using green seal certified or equivalent cleaners, except for areas that must be sanitized to comply with health department mandates
  • Placed "Kill a Watt" lights out stickers on light switches in all residents' rooms
  • Placed stickers on recycling bins to help students identify what can and can't be recycled
  • Placed "Landfill" stickers on garbage shoots and trash cans to help students identify what is and isn't a recycling unit
  • Placed door hangers that provide information on recycling on each residence hall door to help inform students on recycling practices

Things the Think Tank is doing:

  • Uses 100% recycled white paper
  • Uses 30% recycled color paper
  • Used compostable plates, napkins and spoons, forks and knives at Tie Dye Event and the LGBTQ Picnic