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girl breaking down cardboard

Recycle cardboard and plastic bags

during move in at the Cardboard Corral event

When you move in this fall, you can bring your boxes and plastic bags from moving in out to the tents that are located between the residence halls. Students will be under the tent to break down the boxes and to make sure they are recycled. We recycle between 8-10 tons of cardboard during move in. You can continue to recycle cardboard in your halls during the school year - just take it to the basement collection station. We also collect plastic bags and other stretchy plastic packaging at the same location and in the lobbies of each res hall.

girl recycling at recycling bin

Recycling is convenient in the res halls too

We make it easy for you to recycle in the residence halls. There are recycling bins located on every floor of your halls. We do single-stream recycling so you don't need to sort items. You can put glass, metal, paper, paperboard (like snack boxes) and plastics (look for a triangle with a number in it on plastic items) all into the same bin. We don't compost in housing yet so don't put food into the bins. Throw food and pizza boxes (greased stained) into the trash chutes. Plastics that don't have a triangle with a number in it on them are not recyclable.



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