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General Rules

All point submissions must be completed by Tuesday, March 28 at noon to

The residence hall with the most points will be declared the winner at the Just Bag It Fashion Show on March 29

How to Earn Points

  1. Reserve a SEED program for 5 points, plus 1 point per attendee
  2. No contamination of plastic bag/wrap recycling (checked on Fridays) 5 points
  3. Eco Rep or representative from hall at Eco rep meeting: 5 points
  4. Per capita amount of recycling in the hall per week Top 3 halls 20 points, 4th and 5th 7 points, 6,7 and 8 three points 9 and below 1 point
  5. Host a sustainability event (must submit 5 photos of event) 10 points and one point per attendee (must submit names)
  6. Create a sustainability poster for your hall 1 point per poster
  7. Enter the Just Bag It Fashion Show: 50 points















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