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Round up your cardboard and plastic and bring it to the cardboard corrals during move in

cardboard fortDuring move in Housing and Residence Life will have tents set up between the res halls where you can bring corrugated cardboard and plastic shopping bags, plastic packing and wrap to be recycled. If the plastic stretches it can be recycled.

Last year we collected 8 tons of cardboard and nearly 500 pounds of plastic bags and wrap.

During the summer we retrofit the water fountains

water fountain retrofit

Housing and Residence Life didn't want to scrap the older water fountains that were still working but still wanted to make it easier for students to fill water bottles. So we found a way to retrofit the older fountains with spouts. Give them a try. 

Do you realize Americans use 1,500 plastic water bottles every second. There are 50 billion plastic bottles bought worldwide every year and 80 percent end up in the landfill. Don't contribute to this pollution. Use the new retrofit water fountains and fill up that reusable bottle!