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Too much stuff to take home? Take it to the tents!

overload car with boxes

The tents for the Give and Take Move Out Event will  go up between the residence halls on May 14.This event is ONLY for Housing students because housing student funds pay for it. Off campus students will have their own event run by the student group SNEHA. Contact Dr. Crispin Pierce for info on this program.

Items from Housing residents that will be accepted under the tents include:

  • electronics
  • mini fridges
  • microwaves and other small appliances
  • cardboard
  • carpeting
  • clothing
  • furniture

Please put a sticker (available in the tents) on any broken electronics that need to be recycled. If you want an item you are free to take it. You may not reserve an item for someone and you may not chain anything to the tents.

If you have extra nonperishable food, toiletries and school supplies you don't want to pack, you can donate it to people in need in the community by placing the items in collection boxes that will be in the res hall lobbies starting May 4. Food donated will also be donated to our campus food pantry as well as the community. Thanks to your generosity many people are helped by these donations.