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bin labels 

New labels indicate what is and isn't recyclable  

New labels on the recycling bins will help you figure out what you can and can't recycle. Recyling is single-stream on campus which means you can put your cans (metal and aluminum), plastics #1-7 ( look for the triangle with the number in it), glass, thin paperboard cardboard (like snack boxes) and paper into any slot on the bins. Lids/caps can be recycled just remove the cap, rinse and crush the bottle then replace the cap and put it into the recycling bin. Do NOT put Sytrofoam, plastic bags, food, used tissues, paper towels, pizza boxes or other grease stained boxe into the recycling bins.

Corrugated cardboard needs to be taken to the cardboard recycling station in the basement.

Recycling totals continue to increase

Residents in Housing continue to do a great job recycling. The amount of recycling in the fall semester of 2013-14 increased by 56,430 dry gallons over the fall semester of 2012-13. The residence halls students recycled a total of 180,405 dry gallons from September to December. Plus an additional 6 tons of cardboard was recycled during Move In.

CFL Light Bulb

CFL light bulbs, batteries and printer cartridges should be recyled at the front desk. 

Pop tabs are collected and
donated to Ronald McDonald House by a local 4-H  high school student. Ronald McDonal House is a program that provides free housing near hospitals for families of critically ill children.

We recycle appliances for FREE!



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