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RECing Crew

RECing Crew is a student-run organization that seeks to bridge between Residence Life and Recreation, as the name suggests. RECing crew holds at least one event and one clinic per month throughout the academic year, allowing students to participate in a variety of activities without the commitment of an organized team.

The group also aims to learn about and teach sports beyond just the popular ones to give exposure to lesser known activities. Clinics can also be presented for other organizations (hall councils, wings, etc.) by RECing Crew.

Last year, RECing Crew put on over a dozen events and clinics, including the Zombie Apocalypse (look forward to this again in the fall!), Fun With the Lights Out, Minute to Win It, Paper Olympics, Archery clinic, Yoga clinic, and Dance clinic.

The loose structure of the organization allows any resident to join at any time without commitment. Anyone that attends a meeting can share ideas, participate, and vote.

RECing Crew Contacts:

Advisor: Bill Macozek (
Captian: VACANT

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